Cross Country My Heart Is Happy

When Miss Faith had decided to get out of the pool and hang up her swim fins two years ago, I was so bummed.  She just had the most natural way about her in the water and picked up on swimming as a competition right away.  Her butterfly stroke was AMAZE balls!  However, as kids will do, she just decided to stop that sport and give something else a try.

I know, I know, we are to be nothing but supportive when it comes to our kids.  Don’t push them or force them into something that they will in turn end up hating or even resenting us for, but I can’t help it, I just loved going to swim meets and hanging out all day.  The water, the smell of the pool, the bags of towels and clothes, the locker rooms, the waiting in between events, the “cups of sodium” the kids ate. The cheering at the end of the pool and getting splashed, the entire energy of a swim meet was just awesome.


I remember having many conversations about her next goals.  What was she thinking of doing.  Sure she takes on school and leadership, her grades are top notch, her study habits and organizational skills are pretty much {almost} perfect.  I had no doubt she would pick up another sport and “run” with it {yes there is a pun}.

Soccer was fun for her and we did one season {she will go back to that later}.  She has done many 5k runs  with me and seems to really enjoy them.  Her mile time is great in school.  I recall going out one day with her to run and just stopped.  I just stopped and stood and watched.  Faith kept going.  I was watching her through teary eyes, because I could see my daughter just flow across the ground {seriously} she was gliding so smoothly and effortlessly along her path.  Her form was beautiful, I was envious.  I knew that moment she had found her next calling.  Faith was born a runner, no doubt. 

So with 7th grade here, that meant she could go out for the track team in the Spring.  This would be exciting and I knew I could not wait.  Then it happened, Faith produces the piece of paper from her backpack and it was the most exciting news EVER!  Our school had decided to add a cross-country team this year.  Yes, the first year at our middle school and it is open to all 7th and 8th graders.  Done, where do we sign and get this going?  Happy Dance!


I am a “cross-country” mom and my heart is happy.  I LOVE  watching the team run {when I can get to the events} having two kids in sports make it difficult to be in more than one place, but we do our best.

2014-09-25 03.42.17

2014-09-25 03.43.35

Taking off and just pacing

2014-09-25 03.53.17

Alone in her thoughts

2014-09-25 03.46.08

Making her way around loose ground and dirt is a challenge

2014-09-25 03.56.44

Her head is getting into the game now

2014-09-25 03.59.31

That’s our girl! The competitor in her is on fire

2014-09-25 03.59.58

Checking time and walking it out

2014-09-25 04.09.15

Love from Stryker, always the best

2014-09-25 04.19.14

Still waiting for the rest of the team

2014-09-25 04.19.48

Supporting each other

2014-09-25 04.12.27

4th place this week {out of 20} Loving it

Again, so humbled by always watching my kids.  So grateful and blessed.  My favorite part of being a mom …
Just “Being A Mom” of course.  It is all worth it.  I wouldn’t change a thing … My Heart Is Happy


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  1. LOVE that your daughter loves running too! I ran cross country when I was younger and loved it too! 🙂
    Rachel recently posted…Family, Fitness and FunMy Profile

  2. How wonderful that your kids both enjoy being so active! She looks really happy and so do you 🙂
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Lorna Jane Active Nation Day-do the #LJMoveMy Profile

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