#BlOGTOBER14 DAY 8 – A Letter To Myself In 10 Years

dd3c59d173bf7a1e91a7a95ee34c431dI love when I have some quiet time {mostly mornings} to go through and catch up on reading.  I am not reading a book or magazine, I tend to read other blogs.  Just last week, I was so happy to stumble upon Ange, Taylor and Helene and found the Blogtober14 blogging prompt challenge.  What a great way to spend October.

Today is day 8 of the prompt and it is a letter to ourselves in 10 years.  I enjoyed going through as many of the linked blogs that I could get to and in doing so, I had noticed that {so far}, I seem to be pretty much the oldest of the bloggers, which would make my letter really dated.  Anyway, age does not matter, taking time to reflect and send myself something for 10 years from now shall be fun.

Letter To Myself In 10 Years

Dear me …

Are you reading this 10 years after your wrote it?  Are you still here and living?  I wonder if the kids will see this.  You are now 57 and with the grace of god and good blessings, your children are grown, happy and healthy.  I hope that Michael is happy and settled in his Paramedic and Search and Rescue career. He has found the “right” girl, with the help of our guidance and is truly happy inside.  Maybe I am a grandmother or not {I am still young}.  Has Noah, outgrown his OCD and anxieties?  Has he learned the tools he needs to continue on in life while living with this?  Noah did go to the Cal Berkeley and played baseball.  He has an amazing girl friend who is just as wonderful and smart as he is.  She is patient, loving and kind. Noah always comes home to visit us and we talk every week. ♥

Miss Faith, well she is a fireball and not one to be underestimated.  She has traveled to places we used to dream about.  We finally got to Paris and it was the most beautiful trip ever.  Faith is a famous artist now and is after her mom’s heart as she continues to run.  She has completed the NY city Marathon and will take on more.  She is the free spirit I we knew she would be and loves every moment of life. ♥

Our marriage is flourishing as we age.  The love that both hubby and I have for one another is deep.  Jeremy is still witty and sarcastic as ever.  He is successful in his career and has made it to where he wanted to be.  We have adapted to the “empty nest” and found that perfect place to stay and call home for the rest of the years.  The dream kitchen was our goal and we have it.  Who needs bedrooms and bathrooms, when we just want to cook and create and entertain?   You have taken care of yourself very well, my dear.  Your skin is amazing and you are still fit and healthy.  The gray hair is coming in much more now and you are embracing it.  Running is still your passion and you have proven that age should not stop you.  ♥

You are still blogging as your love for writing just can’t keep you from it.  You have had the opportunity to do public speaking, you have your first book out and you are still embracing every day with positive.  You have your grace in God and faith in him.  He is watching over you and your family, while still growing you all and blessing you. 

You are truly happy …

Letter to myself


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  1. This is a great prompt! I love it and think I’ll do something similar. I’m glad your skin looks great at 57
    Jenny recently posted…National Fire Prevention Association Day at LEGOLAND Florida ResortMy Profile

  2. This was such a good one for the challenge!
    Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine recently posted…Black Bean Eggplant Roll-Ups With Apricot Tomatilla SalsaMy Profile

  3. Wow! I enjoyed that! You and I are the same age and it makes you think what will life be like in 10 years? Very nice look 🙂
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Breast Cancer Awareness- Save the TaTa’sMy Profile

  4. I love that-brought a tear to my eye
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Fall for “Food Should Taste Good” GiveawayMy Profile

  5. What a cool idea! I’m sure you’ll be very happy when you come back to this in 10 years 🙂
    Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.A. recently posted…4 Weeks of Wellness with GrokkerMy Profile

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