Fitmob Is Here So Is The New Way To Workout

fitmobIn case you have not heard, there is a new fitness concept here and it is fitmob.  Yes, you read it right “fitmob“.  It is here in Northern California {San Francisco} area to be exact and will be taking the fitness world by storm.  You know those gym memberships you pay for, but most likely don’t use, or the expensive small studio boutique classes that cost an arm and a leg and you keep paying for each month and most likely feel that they are “clicky”?  Well fitmob is nothing like those.  This is the new way of fitness and working out.  This is easy, at your own pace, your own comfort and nothing but support and encouragement.  Here is how it works …

fitmob is all about getting you healthy through the power of community.  The key to fitness is about motivating people, not necessarily the use of machines or diets and pills.  It is not about height, weight, age, athletic ability, etc.  It is about a fun and rewarding workout for each individual.  fitmob is about showing up, not about how strong or fast you are.  Here is the cool part … you DON’T pay for being inactive.  What?  No you ONLY pay as you go and the more you show up, the less the cost.  You are not charged for an entire year or month like most studios or gyms.  Money is not going down the drain and into their pockets.  You are in control of when and where you want to show up and for which type of workout.  You will be joined by a community of people who are just like you.

As a San Francisco based start up, fitmob is the brain child of Raj Kapoor CEO and co-founder of Snapfish.  Paul Twohey co-founder of Ness computing and Tony Horton who is the co-creator.  In an article from Venture Beat, Raj Kapoor says this …

“It is not that people don’t know how to do a pushup, it’s getting motivated to do that pushup,” said Fitmob’s CEO Raj Kapoor in an interview at the startup’s San Francisco office. “Motivation is people’s biggest problem, and the current fitness system is not set up for that. Fitmob is redefining the gym for this new era of social and mobile by creating neighborhood fitness communities.”

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How does it work?


Easy to use, just access fitmob from any device, website, computer, tablet.  It has an app so you can do all your scheduling right from your phone.  Trainers are hand picked and certified and come to you with tons of personality.  The workouts range from cardio, strength training, dance and yoga.  They are offered mornings, afternoon and even after work hours.  They are indoors and outdoors.

If that is not cool enough, there is more …  fitmob is launching the mobtribe.  This is a shared personal training.  It is combining the coaching of a trainer along with the motivation of a team.  The group is made up of 2 -6 people matched with a trainer and meet 2 times a week for 6 weeks at a convenient location picked by the tribe.  Sharing makes this affordable is cost less than a private trainer.  Mobtribe is easy and fun to use for getting results as a group.


Ready for the good stuff …

If you are located near the San Francisco bay area and want to give fitmob a try, then go ahead take advantage of the 7 day free pass.
AND fitmob is letting me giveaway a $25 gift card to Athleta!   Hello, winner winner two cool surprises. 
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I want to hear from you.  Are you in the area?  Have you tried fitmob yet?  Tell me what you think, doesn’t this look super cool and don’t you want them to start in your area?

*Disclaimer* This post is sponsored on behalf of Sverve on behalf of fitmob.  I was compensated for the review, but shared my own opinions and view.

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  1. Community is so important for many when it comes to fitness! I am not going to lie though, I am totally a fitness LONER! I hate working out with others, well cardio at least! When it comes to weight training – I definitely need some motivation, I am actually on the HUNT for a good trainer! 🙂
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Good Mood Food: We Could All Use SomeMy Profile

  2. wow such a cool concept hope they come to DC. Thanks for sharing!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Learn How Elite Athlete, Tina Muir, Fuels for a MarathonMy Profile

  3. Wow! This sounds like a cool concept! We definitely don’t have this in the sticks where I live 🙂

  4. Cool concept! thanks for the opportunity to win!
    Lea recently posted…Virtual Run and Scavenger Hunt Winners Announced!My Profile

  5. WOW that is just too cool!!! 🙂
    Laurie recently posted…Just Another Random Wednesday — Confessions & RandomnessMy Profile

  6. Lisa Jones says:

    I’m not in the area but it sounds like an awesome concept! I have never tried Fit Mob. As a stay at home mom I would love this because I always crave that socialization and would be a great way to meet new people.

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