Hello November

I loved waking this morning to the cool air coming through the window.  No rain today, but a fall chill with just the right amount of sun {California weather}.  It’s Sunday and the first weekend of November is here.  My favorite time of year is now starting.  We are done with October, Halloween is over.  In my mind, this is the start of Fall.  The kids are starting to sleep in a bit longer on the weekends, even the dog stays snuggled up.  I am taking in the quiet while lying in bed, because I know that once my feet hit the floor, it will be a very busy morning … I have plans and they include work and a to do list with the hubby.

I don’t know if it is the time of year or what,  but moving a bit slower and taking more time to get things done seems to be the way and the norm around here.  Being cozy and more relaxed.  A cup of hot tea or coffee is appreciated more.  Food seems to be more enjoyable, maybe it’s the smell in the house of all the wonderful meals we are making.   Homemade recipes create more dishes and a constant flow of  them being loaded, washed and unloaded from the dishwasher makes for a busy kitchen.  Candles are lit in the windows, fresh flowers are in each room of the house.  There is just a warmth to everything.  It is Fall.


A cup of hot tea with cinnamon and spices makes for a perfect fall morning or evening treat.


Weekend morning kitchen full of dishes

I love the mornings when the hubby and I work together to get things done.  The breakfast making, dishes, running out and picking up fresh bagels for the kids.  Heading out back to rake leaves into piles and do the last clean up of the season.  Packing away the patio and the furniture.  Hanging new white lights on the beautiful Chinese Maple tree we have in front of the house {I love that tree}, it is so pretty lit up at night.  A cup of coffee with a dash of Baileys and settling into some Sunday Football watching.  Life is just simple and easy, so relaxed and not rushed.  I love this about the Fall.

The market is full of all the new shipments coming in.  Boxes everywhere early in the morning as they sit in the aisles waiting to be unpacked.  All the baking items, the spices, the pumpkins {baking pumpkins are great to have in the kitchen} you never know what recipe you will want to do and most likely will need pumpkin.  Pomegranates are everywhere, my must have for the kitchen this time of year.  They go great in almost every kind of recipe.

2014-11-02 02.57.27

The time spent snuggled up with the kids reading or watching movies.  They are growing so fast, so I embrace the moments when I can stop and just be with them.  I know everything else can wait.  Nothing is more important than being with my kids first.


Weekend snuggle time … Always embracing the moment

The countdown to Christmas has started in the house.  Our daughter has informed me that we have about 54 more days until then and her list is ready to go.  My pre-Thanksgiving planning starts.  I love nothing more than prepping and planning for that day.  Weeks of reading and researching recipes goes into the process.  I never make the same meal twice and the guests never know what we will be serving.  It is a production and the entire day from morning to evening is filled with energy.

Running in the fall.  As much as I love running, nothing is more perfect than a run in the Fall.  There is just enough coolness in the air and the weather is not too hot.  The beauty that is all around this time of year is breathtaking.   The colors and the green.  A dampness in the air, that smells good.  It just makes for a wonderful run.


A run in the Fall … always amazing

Welcome Fall … Hello November

*Do you have any favorite Fall projects?
*Do you have a favorite season?
*How soon do you start getting ready for Christmas?


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  1. I love fall too and I feel more relaxed just reading your post! Beautiful! We will start decorating for Christmas holidays after Thanksgiving. We buy a live tree every year and that is the best part. I love the smell of fresh pine in the house. I had my first fall run yesterday morning and it was in the mid 50’s in Florida- bring it on fall- I love it!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Bucket list 2015- Where are you going?My Profile

  2. This time of year is so magical! Today, I saw a squirrel gathering not acorns, but leaves. I actually sat down and just enjoyed the beauty of nature, and this adorable little squirrel with all these leaves in his mouth, it was so cute!
    Jennifer Corter recently posted…Life Is Fleeting, Chase Happiness.My Profile

  3. Summer is definitely my favorite season, but I love fall recipes and all the cute clothes that seem to come out in the fall! 😛

    There are also few things in life that are more awesome than snuggling with pets and drinking hot cocoa. I’m picking up my foster cat again from the shelter this weekend! <3 Can't wait. :D!
    Farrah recently posted…Recipe ReDux: Spiced & Stuffed Samosa “Baked” Potatoes [sponsored]My Profile

  4. we sadly turned straight into winter here in Calgary. snow on the ground as of Nov 1. thankfully sun looks to return soon.
    laura @ scribbles and sass recently posted…worthy of attention.My Profile

  5. My favorite season is Summer on a warm beach! Your Fall day does sound lovely though. It is a great time to get outside and hike and enjoy the weather.
    WendysHat recently posted…Hot Chocolate Play DoughMy Profile

  6. I like the cooler weather in the fall. The colors are awesome to.
    tara pittman recently posted…Bee Sili SUPER Silicone BBQ Grill Oven Gloves & Basting Brush Are A Thanksgiving MustMy Profile

  7. Fall runs ARE pretty perfect!
    Amy Albers recently posted…The First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem – Post Halloween EditionMy Profile

  8. Oh I so love fall! Definitely my favorite time of the year. Love the changing colors, fall recipes and I’m a jeans and boots girl…love fall clothes 😉
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted…Some New GoalsMy Profile

  9. I agree with you that life just seems to slow down in the fall. I love it!! We need the time to enjoy the day to day. Not spend all our time rushing around!!
    Sarah Coulsey recently posted…Friday Giveaway Link Up 11/7/14My Profile

  10. Fall certainly is amazing however up here in Canada it starts around mid-September and October is FANTASTIC! Right now we’re in that cold wet November rain just before winter 🙁
    Janice – Fitness Cheerleader recently posted…Introducing My Next BIG ChallengeMy Profile

  11. I love fall. I have never added cinnamon to my tea. I definitely need to try that!
    Thanks for linking up at the TGIF Hop! Hope you stop by again this Friday!
    Ida recently posted…Power The Holidays With Duracell #PowerTheHolidaysMy Profile

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