Napa Valley Turkey Trot and Lot’s Of Rain

The 2nd Annual Napa Valley Turkey Trot was this past weekend.  Faith and I have been so looking forward to running this race again for our second time.  A beautiful morning in the Napa Valley, the cool crisp,  late Fall air and the sun coming up and shining down on us as we run 3.2 miles.  WAIT … what?  Hold on, let’s back this up.

If you live hear or have been paying attention to our California rain situation, you would know that we are in dire need of water and a good hearty rain season.  Did we think that on the day we were to get up early and head out for this event, that it would be that particular day the good graces of mother nature would pour down on us?  {Literally}.
Well, she did.  Waking at 5:3o a.m. to make coffee, I stared out the window trying to see if this were a light sprinkle or was going to become a down pour of some sorts.  Checking the news, it had been made very clear to me that we were going to be running right smack in the middle of this “morning rain storm”, then to have it clear up by late morning.  Of course, after the race would be over.  Do I get the family up?  Do I have miss Faith dress and bundle up to take her out and experience such?  She was looking so forward to getting another medal and I knew this would be her first rain run.

I headed back upstairs and I could see the light coming from her bedroom.  I headed in getting ready to give her the news report and before speaking, my daughter says to me {bright eyed and filled with excitement} “mom we are running today, right”?  That was it, we were off to get ready for our morning journey.

No way could we quit or back out.  No way.  What would that teach her and what would that tell myself?  That a little rain was going to control us?  That some rain was going to get in the way of our goal we had set weeks ago?  Heck NO!

As you can tell by the pictures … It was coming down.  If I had to think of an obstacle for myself, it would have been when the rain and wind hit a certain way and I could feel the drops heading right into my eyes and face.  Other than that, it was pretty much what to be expected from “rain running”.  We had to be careful and slow down a few times, as we were puddle jumping and trying not to slip and “eat it” on the muddy paths.  Then again, it could have been called the Napa Valley Turkey Mud Run.

The pictures tell it all … wet and blurry.

Napa Valley Turkey TrotNapa Valley Turkey TrotFitnessmomwinecountry Napa Turkey Trot

Meeting up with my friend Nicole and super running mom

Meeting up with my friend Nicole and super running mom

Faith smiling and loving it

Faith smiling and loving it


Pacing myself with Nicole and her hubby with stroller

Pacing myself with Nicole and her hubby with stroller


Faith finishing

Faith finishing


Being competitive as always.  I can't help it

Being competitive as always. I can’t help it

Napa Valley Turkey Trot

Our times this year … not bad for the conditions.

Untitled Untitled

You can tell from last year’s post that we had a much smaller gathering of people and we did not have all the entertainment and “splash” {of course, there was no way}.  They did however play music for us to keep us moving and the event was still fun and successful.  I am so looking forward to next year and the surprise announcements.

It was so worth it.  Another moment to share with my daughter.  Hot showers and breakfast were on the agenda, followed up with naps and board games. 

What races have you run in the rain?
Do you take a stroller and run races?
Have you done a Turkey Trot yet this year?





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  1. What a fun “mud” run! Thanks for the recap! Gobble gobble…

  2. Hooray for rain for Cali!

    I have run a few muggy, rainy races. They kinda suck, but of course it always feels good when it’s over.

    Turkey Trot 10K on Thanksgiving day! Woot!
    Tiffany @ The Chi-Athlete recently posted…“Friends”, and In Case You Were Wondering What Sophia Wants for Christmas…My Profile

  3. besides the rain sounds like a great time
    Terri recently posted…Weekend RecapMy Profile

  4. looks like a fun little race despite the rainy conditions. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Roasted Brussels Sprouts w Pecans, Cranberries & GorgonzolaMy Profile

  5. Figures that it finally rains during the Turkey Trot, huh? Still, sounds like it was a great time!
    Emma recently posted…Family Memories from the North PoleMy Profile

  6. This sounds like an amazing event. Thank you for sharing it with us. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Joyce@MyStayAtHomeAdventures recently posted…My Personal Goals For ChristmasMy Profile

  7. Awe! You seem like a great Mom. Your daughter is blessed to have you. I think it’s great you are teaching her to stick to her commitments!
    Grace recently posted…Shaker It Off!My Profile

  8. Running in the rain can be fun and thank goodness you were only running a 5k! The photos with you and your daughter are lovely. We are running the Toys for Tots turkey trot (husband, daughter and d’s boyfriend) on Thanksgiving and rain showers are in the forecast. I occasionally run in the rain just to be used to it for a race day. Looks like I am getting it Thursday!
    Pam and Christine recently posted…Rolling an ankleMy Profile

  9. I have only run with a stroller in a race once and it SUCKED! I had both my boys, ages 5 and 2 and it was hard pushing an extra 120lbs!!
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…The Orangetheory ChallengeMy Profile

  10. What a great memory. Of all the races you will run together, this will be one you think of often. While I am not a runner… my daughter ran in a Turkey Trot last year. She was only 11. Each entrant had to bring canned food, which would later be donated to our local food pantry. She had a blast, and while it was not raining… it was snowing. Brrr
    Tamara recently posted…Holiday ChaosMy Profile

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