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Well so much for sticking to the task on hand.  I had planned on blogging more regularly at the start of this new year and as I see, I am failing at this already.  I am however, keeping on task with my workouts {bringing me back to the first problem, blogging} as I wanted to track my progress via blogging and stay connected and motivated, all while hopefully inspiring others out there as they inspire me.


Bringing us up to date with this latest post thanks to Katie and her blog.  The Day in the Life …
I love this link up and am enjoying working my way through reading about fellow moms, fitness fanatics and women just like myself.  We all have different lifestyles, yet we are all very similar.  Just getting through each day the best we can and taking care of our family and ourselves at the same time.  Okay here I go … *Warning* you might find yourself yawning through this as I share a typical day out of my life.  Nothing too exciting {no RHOWC  Real Housewives of Wine Country going on here} although BRAVO t.v. that would be a good one.


Hey BRAVO t.v. this is a real housewife!

Depending on my insomnia, the day can start anywhere from 3:00 a.m. on.  I am either awake and can’t shut my head off, so I get up and try to find the earliest news cast possible OR think about my notes about up-coming blogging posts.  My head says it wants to go running, but I am way too much of a pansy to head out in the dark for a run.

I wake the hubby up around 5:30 and I get the coffee started.  Send him on his way around 6:00 a.m.  Wait until 6:30 and get our son up for school.  I have the news on in the bedroom and kitchen by this time.  I remember being a young adult and thinking how watching the morning news was for really old people {aging myself here}.

2014-09-04 21.49.09

Couple Coffee Time

I make breakfast and pack a lunch for our son.  Leave the house at precisely 7:30 a.m. in order to get him to school before 8:00 a.m. {note we live 2 blocks from school}.  I deliver him to the same spot each day and we go over at least three times this … what day of the week it is, and where I am picking him up.  Our son has OCD, and a severe form of it.  This is just par for the course.  Also a long overdue topic on my blog that I want to start talking about.  {parents out there, I know I am not alone}.

I head back home and start packing lunch for our daughter.  More coffee and news {it has repeated itself once already} and I start to check emails.  Going through, I mark the important ones that need attention to so I can get right on them as soon as kids are dialed in.  Take a glance at the blogs I follow and prepare myself mentally to go back through and take time to read and comment {okay, my commenting needs improvement}.  I pull up the Pure Barre schedule and book my class for the day.

2013-12-10 18.58.47

Pure Barre Classes are a workout

By 8:45 a.m. I drive miss Faith to school.  Tell her something amazing about her day and send her off.  I really want our daughter to have a positive send off each day, as I know girls at this age {middle school} are starting to get a bit nasty and mean.  The more energy I give her, the better she can feel about herself and hopefully have a successful day.

I am home and alone by 9:00 a.m.

This is where is gets really exciting {don’t hold your breath}.  If I don’t have a Pure Barre class immediately, then all the beds get made.  The kitchen is cleaned.  The laundry has been started {this first load}.

I am either heading to class OR off for a run.  I try to get both in back to back.  The rest of the day is then all about finishing the house chores {I do this daily so it is pretty easy and always kept up} and do any shopping at the market.

2015-01-16 13.07.45

Shopping is better with reusable bags 🙂


Early morning run in Sonoma CA

2015-01-13 12.32.32

Always happy after a good run

I meet Noah right after school and bring him an afternoon snack before he goes to the after school open gym and workouts.  I pick miss Faith up from her school and then return home or run errands.

Evening approaches and we are wrapping up homework for the day or any projects.  Dinner is being cooked, hubby is heading home and another day is under our belts.  By 8:30 p.m. both kids are in bed and they are so tired they actually don’t mind.

The rest of the night belongs to the hubby and I.  We enjoy our t.v. time, catch up on DVR stuff and hang out.  We have date night on some of the nights and start all over again the next day.  Basically, everything runs pretty organized and scheduled.

Now your turn, link up with the rest of us and share your day.


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  1. I LOVE what you said about your daughter and her day. Beautiful thought.
    Kerri (@KerriOlkjer) recently posted…A Day In The Life: My Fitness, Food, and Supplement RoutineMy Profile

  2. Love these posts!! Sounds like a crazy day!– then again when it is not crazy- Love that quiet time 🙂
    Laura Fine recently posted…New Recipe: Chocolate Power BallsMy Profile

  3. I love that you send your daughter off every morning with something positive. Kids are mean and I remember that age.
    tiara recently posted…Third Trimester FavoritesMy Profile

  4. Love that photo of you and that you are a REAL Housewife of Wine Country! 🙂 3:00 AM…That is EARLY!!! Once my brain starts warming up, it is REALLY hard to go back to bed too…
    She Rocks Fitness recently posted…Currently Loving…My Profile

  5. I love how attuned you are to the trials and tribulations that go along with being a middle schooler. Your kids are lucky to have such an awesome mom!
    Marcia recently posted…A Day in My LifeMy Profile

  6. I do enjoy reading these types of posts, so thanks for doing it. Seems like you’re the captain of a tight ship there, Lynda! Nice work. And I love that you wake up your hubby. What a nice alarm clock! 🙂
    Ashley @ A Lady Goes West recently posted…Must-try veggie pasta tip and my eatsMy Profile

  7. oh those mugs are cute! I am jealous of the warm weather that I feel coming through your pics
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…What’s inside my Popsugar Must Have Target Fitness BoxMy Profile

  8. Love reading about your RHOWC life 😉 Bravo should consider starting a show, and make you the star! I’d watch it!

    Love that you send your daughter off with a positive thought/note each day. I’ll remember that for if/when I have a daughter!
    melody @ {will run for margaritas} recently posted…a day in the life…My Profile

  9. Are winters bad there? Insomnia has to suck! 3 is SUPER early. Thanks for linking up!
    katie recently posted…A Day In The Life Link UpMy Profile

  10. I love these posts! Life is life and what might seem boring is just real life. Thank you for sharing with us!
    Elsie @ Sharing Healthiness recently posted…3 Natural Ways to Wake Up Every Morning Without CoffeeMy Profile

  11. sounds like a beautiful day to me and ohh how things will change when the kiddos are gone!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…My top 5 Best Health & Fitness DecisionsMy Profile

  12. I loved this post so much, it allows us to see into your life a bit more. It melted my heart a little to hear what you say to your daughter everyday. I have two teenage nieces and their life at school is a lot different than it was for me and you are right, they need to start the day on a positive note. You are one great mama and while your day starts very early (I thought I was bad at getting up at 4:30 every morning) it is filled with a lot of fun, sweat and love…all wonderful things!
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…2015 Reading ChallengeMy Profile

  13. I’m so glad I could check out your blog. It looks like you live an a beautiful area! Looking forward to reading more posts from you!
    Susan recently posted…A Day in the LifeMy Profile

  14. I love that you are a REAL housewife!!!
    And, sending your daughter off with a positive comment every day is so awesome. I try to do the same with my boys – mostly I just try to make the mornings as stress-free for everyone as possible so that the day starts on a happy note.
    Kim recently posted…The 45 Mile RunMy Profile

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