Mirror, Mirror …

So I have been down and out of “workout commission” for about three weeks {this bug really kicked my ass} and I have been feeling just “crumpy” {crappy and grumpy into one} I have had tons of time to read magazines, look at Pinterest, watch t.v. and all of the sudden, it just hit me {or maybe irritated me}.

I looked in the mirror and this is what came to me …

mirror mirror

How do we see ourselves, are we too obsessed with society and what it “thinks” or says we should look like.

How many times do we open the magazines or turn on the t.v. and we see not only women, but men who have been “chiseled, sculpted, spray tanned, oiled up, photo shopped, cropped, and cut and pasted?  They are EVERYWHERE.

An example, if I may …

I am not a fan nor do I watch the Bachelor, however I happened to come upon it one night while scrolling through channels and stopped.  Where are the real women?  Why can’t we have down to earth, natural women on t.v?   I don’t know what was worse, the drama and nonsense coming out of their mouths OR the amounts of makeup and hair going on.

Did we all see the latest commercial with Kim K {I can’t bring myself to even write out her entire name}, you know the T-mobile ad?  WHY?
Does anyone recall the  Dove adds?  This one in particular is my favorite.

As a mother, I find myself disheartened by the roll that society has taken in terms of how we should look and dress.  About what is cool and acceptable.  About body images and just how fake most of it all is.
I want my daughter to embrace HERSELF and know how beautiful she is.  Not just because her mom says so, but because she KNOWS so.  Because she is real and can continue to grow up real without having to fit the “mold”.

Are we seeing Instagram blowing up with mostly fitness pictures?

Listen, I love the Instagram.  In fact, I enjoy it more than some other social apps.  I do however tend to keep away from the over the top, in your face, look at me people out there.  I love the inspiration that Instagram can give us.  But I love the real life “instas”, the one’s with the families and moms who look real, who are not afraid to post the pic that has not been altered.  I use Instagram myself to share my own fitness funatics and I hope to inspire or motivate, however, I can only take so many gym selfies and pumped up arms and legs or gals with ripped abs.  I get it, being fit and healthy makes us feel good.  I am all for that, but how do we REALLY  feel when we see these over and over?  How do we really see ourselves?

Is Pinterest and “fitspo” boards?

What on earth is this word?
Where did it come from and who came up with it?  Seriously.
The word alone should be enough to think, “wait a minute”.   Are we fit, thin, sporty, athletic, strong?  Well, which is it?

Personally, I think this trendy word that is the buzz of all buzzes, it just another addiction that we can fall prey to.  OR not, maybe you are stronger than that.
I know that there are women out there, working their asses of to be in the most amazing shape ever.  I know that many of them are competitors in the fitness world, or an  athlete of some sort and yes even moms.
Do images like these create more anxiety and stress?
Do they help to motivate OR do they destroy the self esteem of young women, our daughters?
Are consumers forking out more money than ever on gadgets, apps, and all things new and “promising” to make us look and feel better?
Are we turning into competitors against others OR competing with ourselves?
What is FITSPO  saying to the younger generation?  Good lord, if I am seeing and picking up on this at my age, then I worry about my daughter.

Sure we can argue things like …
Don’t follow Pinterest boards with Fitspo pics
Don’t follow Instagram sites like that
Don’t look
Don’t buy the magazine
Don’t, don’t, don’t …. Don’t what?  Not live?  We can’t help but not notice because it is EVERYWHERE.


As always, I love hearing from you and your feedback.

What do you think about this generation of “image acceptance”?
Do you find that fitspo is a motivation or a trigger for feeling inadequate?
Do you have daughters and if so, do you talk to them about image acceptance?



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  1. When I see super thin and especially chiseled people, I think good for them, but I bet they’re super boring to hang out with. Give me a jolly fat guy or gal any day! The wife and I are generally not “satisfied” with the way we look torso wise, just because we know we could be thinner for our own goods, but we’re both still damn sexy. Lol. The doctor told me if I cut out beer from my diet for a year and did nothing else, I’d probably lose 30 pounds. I thought about that and even tried it for six hours after leaving my 9AM appointment, but once happy hour rolled around, I decided to have fun and die young rather than have great abs and die slightly older but much more miserable.
    Don recently posted…Winning a routine call for crazy…My Profile

  2. I tend to not follow any groups that are all about skinny, thigh gap, fitspo type attitude. I might motivate some people but it’s not me. I also don’t buy in to the body wraps or pills that claim to make you skinny. They are quick fixes – that’s all.
    I have a daughter who is turning 20. I tried not to complain about my weight or my frumpy hair when both bothered me so that she did not grow up around that. I tell her she is smart just as much as I tell her she’s beautiful. She does not watch TV or read magazines. I think that helps with her being comfortable in her own skin and has grown into a confident young woman.
    Actually, she’s funny. If we are shopping and I ask her opinion on an outfit I am trying on, she will say, ” All that matters mom is if YOU like it/feel comfortable in it.” She’s right but this also means she doesn’t like it – LOL

  3. I like to watch the Bachelor when I’m on the treadmill – perfect amount of mindless entertainment. I do agree that the girls don’t seem real and the drama is out of control!!!
    I don’t tend to follow the Fitspo stuff. I will never be one of those super thin people but I feel strong!! (and I like my evening wine!!)
    Hope you feel better soon!
    Kim recently posted…Just DanceMy Profile

  4. I would love to be thin and I would love to have six pack abs. If I did I would never wear a full length shirt again and would take pictures of my abs all day long. Unfortunately, they are not a priority in my life. For me to ever have them the ab fairy would have to hit me with her ab wand. That being said, kudos to the people who do have them. Just because they are not my priority doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with them making abs theirs.

    On another note, I don’t watch the bachelor either. I somehow got sucked in one season several years ago and I still have flashbacks to the craziness. Never again.
    Ima Mosier recently posted…Choosing Your IronmanMy Profile

    • Ima, I agree. Making that a priority is great for some people. I think {since I am a mom} I have concerns and issues with just how society and fitspo pics show us that looking like the pictures is cool, etc. Motivating to some, but just could lead to danger like eating disorders, etc.
      Fitnessmomwinecountry recently posted…Mirror, Mirror …My Profile

  5. Today’s current image obsessions really do make me annoyed…and sad. I try to avoid advertisements, but as you say, it’s not an easy task with so many avenues of excess shoved in our faces. That’s exactly why we got rid of our TV more than five years ago. Image obsession may be everywhere, but I am determined to limit my daughters’ exposure to what I perceive to be damaging messages as much as I can.
    Tisha Berg recently posted…Today, As Yesterday, We Are the WorldMy Profile

  6. It’s hard to escape the expectations that society puts on people (not just women). The fact that SI had a plus sized model in an ad and it’s making news is just another example.
    Fiona @ Get Fit Fiona recently posted…I Got Some Amazing NewsMy Profile

  7. Honestly, this is one of the reasons we do not have television. We just use Netflix and Hulu so we don’t have to see all of these commercials and television shows. I have a four year old daughter, and I can’t imagine having to explain Kim K or her family if we had regular tv! So, for now, I will continue to not have television. I mean, I understand that at some point she will receive regular exposure to that kind of media but at least she can enjoy her childhood right now without seeing that nonsense.
    Lisa @ Lisa Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…Find Your Voice: Grow AuthenticityMy Profile

  8. I have 2 daughters, one of which is in that tween stage. Honestly, fitspo and images on TV don’t impact her self-image much. What really does is her friends’ opinions at school, many of whom have a phone constantly in their hand.
    Fitspo inspires me, not because I want to look like that, but because it shows an unerring dedication to something they are passionate about. What I don’t like are selfies by people in the fitness industry as an attempt to encourage folks to sign up for their programs. Everyone has different priorities, but taking beautiful photos of my awesome body will NOT be one of them. I am passionate about my family, my hubby and helping women get confident. Everything else falls by the wayside.
    Jenn recently posted…Just One More SyndromeMy Profile

  9. I think it’s so hard to grow up a girl. I have 2 daughters, one of who is 8 and it’s tough. Body image… I don’t think TV and stuff impacts her as much as the drama at school.
    Sharon – Her Organized Chaos recently posted…Recycling Trash for your SeedlingsMy Profile

  10. This is a great post! Thanks for sharing! I am into fitness and being healthy, but I certainly think there is waaaaay too much pressure being put on females and young girls to have the perfect body! We are all unique in some way, and have great things to offer! This is so encouraging and inspirational!

    Best to you!
    Hope you will visit my fashion blog!

  11. Thanks for this as I really enjoyed reading it. I agree with what you are saying and I must say, IG is blowing up with fit/workout pics! I love IG as well but man, who needs a gym when you can find at home workouts, recipes and inspiration pics all on your phone!? I know that where I live it is very important to look and live a certain way… let’s just say people spend more money on their active gear than their regular clothes {SoCal}. But I agree that what is this doing to our children and their generation? Are we all really that shallow or are we just really into our health??

  12. The fitspo images on Instagram give me anxiety. I used to follow a few and then they became walking ads — and I just had to stop following them.

    I do have a daughter and we’re always talking about acceptance.. And how everyone is different, and it’s okay.. because it would be all boring if we were all the same. I hope she remembers when she’s older.
    Nikki recently posted…Eats / MoGo BBQMy Profile

  13. what a great post..I have been doing a lot of research about this whole topic recently, self-love/self-acceptance.

    First off, you are so right…it is EVERYWHERE. I think everyone needs to step back from comparing themselves. Whether it be comparing to friends, family, the media, whatever. We need to learn to accept ourselves as we are. Love ourselves as we are. I realize it is a lot easier said than done, as I am currently in the recovery process of an ED..but I can’t stop preaching!

    We need to stop looking in the mirror and judging ourselves.
    Manda recently posted…Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda!My Profile

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