Breathing While I Run … Mouth or Nose

Lately I have been much more focused on my running and breathing, more so than before.  Maybe because I am taking my running more seriously, I am really enjoying it and I want to make sure I have the right technique down.  After reading and researching, I realized that this topic is huge.  There is so much information out there on the right breathing, how to do it, the timing of it, the mouth or nose and so on.   I assumed I had it all “figured out” until I got deep into it.  Is it not hard enough to worry about our form, the swing of our arms, the steps {heel or toe}, the gait {are we over pronators or under pronators} maybe we are a neutral runner, that we must think about breathing also?  With all this involved it makes me wonder why even bother with such an exercise?  Here’s my thought … runners’ are nuts {but we are determined nuts}.   There is a lot to learn out there about this super awesome sport if we really take it seriously.

But this is about the breathing.  I think about it when I am out running, I even catch myself trying different breathing techniques.  I try to slow myself and use my nose only to find that difficult for me.  I go back to my natural form and use my mouth.

Mouth breathing has had me come to these findings …

The random bug will find its way into the mouth
My throat tends to feel sore
The term “dry mouth” makes sense
Drool falls from the mouth easier when open
My tongue feels dry
On a windy day I inhale the particles flying around
I apply chapstick every so often as the mouth dries out
I want to eat the chapstick at times as I become more thirsty
It becomes more difficult to spit when needed
The drier the mouth, the messier the spit

So which is it?  The nose OR mouth?  I get so consumed with all the information out there, that I tend to forget to just enjoy MY own running journey and what MY body can do and how is works.  As much as I enjoy having information at our fingertips, I just want to shut it all out and GO, be ME and RUN.

How to Breathe When Running
Running on Air … Breathing Technique

I just want to run as much as possible …
I love it
I live it
I dream about it
I think about my morning run as I go to bed the night before
I plan around it
I am grumpy when I don’t do it
I read about it
I train for it
I am inspired by other runners
I love how it makes me feel

 Tell me please your thoughts on running and breathing. 
I love learning from fellow runners. 
Do you have a particular way of breathing when you run? 
Have you swallowed many bugs? 
Have you been tempted to eat your chap stick?

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  1. I’ve swallowed bugs while biking but not running. My trainer taught me to breathe in through my nose twice the out through my mouth. It’s a learning curve for sure.
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Firmoo Fashionable EyewearMy Profile

  2. I breath in through my nose and out through my mouth, but I don’t really pay that much attention to it.
    However, I have found that if I get a cramp, it helps to pay attention to breathing and make sure I’m not always exhaling as the same foot hits the ground – so I try to exhale/land on left foot then exhale/land on right foot – I’ve gotten rid or cramps trying to sneak in that way. But otherwise, I don’t really focus too much on breathing unless I’m struggling to get my head in the game – then I focus on it just to try to take my mind off the running haha.
    Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted…Fabletics April CollectionMy Profile

  3. I think about this when I run as well! And great quotes – how inspiring!

  4. I just started running. This post is great, I needed it!

  5. i like breathing in from nose, and out through the mouth when i do yoga. but when i’m out of breath, the nose just won’t do the job haha!

  6. I’ve tried to be more focused on breathing in through my nose out through my mouth, but if I am not concentrating on it, I am a mouth breather. It is just what feels most natural to me.
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…Stay safe in the dark!! {Product Review: Bestvisible Vest}My Profile

  7. I dont run, but when I walk I prefer breathing through my nose, since I deal with the same issues you mentioned with my mouth open.
    Lauren recently posted…Succulent Centerpiece for Earth DayMy Profile

  8. It’s always been my dilemma. I did some googling too on the topic. While I just go with the flow 90% of the time, sometimes, when I am out of air, I take the time to consciously take note of my breathing and reverse it to having a nose breath in-mouth breathe out. I am still a novice runner. So trying to learn the yin and yang of the sport.

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