When A Training Run Turns Into A Walk

*Note* The winner of the Ultimate Runner’s Giveaway has been chosen and is announced at the end of this post.

We have all been there, we have all had them.  You know what they are, the days that we head out to train for an up-coming run and end up just not getting it done.  Instead of just throwing in the towel when a bad “running” day hits, we can just walk it out or like Taylor Swift sings “shake it off“.  This is exactly what I did while out on my latest run.  I had every intention of topping my 5 miles and going further.  I had just come off the weekend of back to back GREAT runs and some Pure Barre classes, however Tuesday morning had me finding out that my legs were just not into it {my calves to be exact}.  I found myself turning off my running app and taking the pressure off myself.  I just stopped all together and decided to take in the amazing scenery around me and used the phone to take some pics.

I have the opportunity to run in one of the most beautiful places, the entire Sonoma valley, the beautiful wine country {my backyard} and although I see it EVERY day, I really enjoyed just walking and taking it all in, because I realized it had been far too long.

2015-04-14 10.06.432015-04-14 10.05.23 2015-04-14 10.09.30 2015-04-14 10.10.52 2015-04-14 09.56.23 2015-04-14 09.55.36 2015-04-14 09.54.38

I always run past these guys and the darker horse is always pulling on the fence.  I actually stopped and got close today and can see where the boards are getting loose.  I am waiting for him to be running wild and free down the street one day as I come by.  Maybe I can catch up and jump on LOL.

I actually started feeling a bit better after taking some time to walk out my legs and after about 4 miles, I ended up running back home and felt really great.  Tomorrow, back to business and some serious running.

Okay let’s talk about the amazing Ultimate Runner’s Giveaway I posted.  So many great comments were left and I loved each one of them.  Some great running goals I have read for sure.  The tweets were awesome and thanks everyone for joining in.  Now time to announce the random winner of this super cool giveaway … LaTanya Thornhill

*I will give two days to hear back from this winner and if nothing, I will have to go and pull another random name in order to get the products shipped and info to some of the companies involved.

A list of runner ups for swag are here …

Kathryn McNeal
Holly Denise Edwards
Jordan Dunne
Ruth ChristensenLaura Royal Stitzer
Beth Teliho
Roni Stetter

Have you had a bad running day?
Do you give up and not go OR do you just enjoy a nice walk instead?
Do you run in an area where live animals are?

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  1. Oh…. I”ve had runs like this too. My lungs just don’t play nice sometimes!
    Julie @ Running in a Skirt recently posted…6 Ways to Drink More WaterMy Profile

  2. All these pictures are making me excited. I’ll be in wine country next month 🙂
    Lesley recently posted…I Want to Go Back to CartegenaMy Profile

  3. Okay, I love that you wrote this because I have to practice just letting go of some runs too. Somedays my legs just aren’t up for it, so I cut myself slack and either do a shorter run, or even just walk it out.

    GORGEOUS pics.

    I’m a runner up for swag?? COOL. Does this mean I’m on the list in case the real winner doesn’t claim her win? Either way, I’m crossing my fingers cuz this girl needs some motivating fun swag in her life. 🙂
    Beth Teliho recently posted…WAHM BAM THANK YOU MA’AMMy Profile

  4. I just got back into running so I am starting off slow! But I remember those days when I did run!
    Ashley recently posted…Why I Love Being EngagedMy Profile

  5. I totally dislike running so I have to admit that this happens to me more often than not… lol lovely photos… ;o)
    Yaitza recently posted…Latest “Go-to” Lunch featuring Healthy Grocery Store FindsMy Profile

  6. If I had that view I would run everyday! Ok, maybe not everyday, but a lot more often than I do now. Ha! California wine country is one of most favorite places. Beautiful!
    Allison – Celebrating Sweets recently posted…Blueberry LemonadeMy Profile

  7. Beautiful pics!! You are indeed very fortunate!
    Roshni recently posted…The World between the WiresMy Profile

  8. We all have days like that! With those views I hope you just enjoyed the walk and took in the scenery. There is always tomorrow. Keep moving forward
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Women’s Health Action Hero 2015My Profile

  9. What a great way to turn around a tough run 🙂 Love the pics!
    AmyC recently posted…Took My DOMS to the Dubai Marina Walk & Burj Al ArabMy Profile

  10. runs like that are to be expected! I always figure not every run is meant to be spectacular! Good for you for slowing down and enjoying being outside- that is what it is all about!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…How do you refuel?My Profile

  11. Stop and smell the roses! I’m so glad you wrote this because I do this all the time and I do kind of feel ashamed that I can’t continue a run. Thanks for sharing!
    Sharon Erickson – Her Organized Chaos recently posted…Totally Terrific Tuesday – 4/13My Profile

  12. Have the crops been affected by the lack of rain? I would walk or bike all the time if I lived in your area. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and linking up. #wowlinkup

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