Top 10 Timeouts I Wish I Could Give

The long weekend is here and I thought that doing a fun post would be just perfect.  Some light reading and hopefully some laughs.  Oh and if you find the time during your holiday travels and festivities, by all means jump on over and link up with Mama Kat.  This is one of the topics for this week … List 10 people, places, or things you’d like to give a timeout to

  • Drivers how won’t use their turn signals!  Come on, just click the darn thing on and USE IT.  I need to know which way you are going and where you are merging.  I take my driving seriously and can’t read your mind when you don’t know where you are going.  Time Out!
  • Taylor Swift.  Don’t be hating on me for this one.  I know she is super talented, I know EVERYONE loves her.  Here’s the deal, I can’t stand seeing her at every awards show in the front row and having the camera pan on her during other artist’s performances or speeches.  We get it Taylor, you are awesome, you are super tall, you could probably stand to eat a few sandwiches or more carbs, you can totally sing … however I just don’t want to see you all up in the camera all the time.  It is NOT always about you.  I guess I could just “shake this off”, but I am too annoyed.  Time Out!


  • This California drought and the water wasters.  Seriously no joke, we are in such dire need for rain and water here in California.  It just makes my head spin {Linda Blair} when I keep seeing so many jackasses {yes I said that} just watering their lawns and green foliage.  What part of cut back the water is NOT clear?  I am washing my hair every other day AND have given up my nice soaks in the tub at night with my glass of wine and candles in order to help in some way.  The laundry is now getting piled a bit higher than normal just to cut back on my regular washing.  You have got to be the most selfish person if you are just watering away.  You need a Time Out!


  • Runners who can’t smile back or give the runner wave.  You know who I am talking about.  There is that special grin and hand wave that we runners all give.  Not some flailing arm wave all over the place, just the simple nod, smile, hand.  Super easy and just saying “hey runner, good job” or “hey there my fellow runner family member”.  I pass runners who are so super cool and then there are those few {funny they are women} who won’t return the runner love.  I know who they are in my town, I see them.  Ladies, you are no better nor are you cooler.  Just be a runner and get over yourself, you could use a Time Out!


  • The Kardashians.  What on earth is the deal with this entire family and the media?  I love my brainless t.v. shows, trust me.  However, I can’t for the life of me have them on my television, I don’t want to read about them, I don’t want to hear about them if I am tuning into an entertainment news show {and those are even pretty bad}.  There is nothing there, nothing.  A bunch of narcissistic, talentless women.  I know, before you start hating on me, they have clothing lines and they have wealth and they must be smart {business}, but why are they still all over the place?  Is this really what we want to watch?  Are these the role models we want our young generation to admire to?  I don’t want to Keep Up with the Kardashian, I want to put them in a Time Out!


  • The person in line in the grocery market.  Am I the only one who requires her “personal space” while standing in a check out line at a market?  Back the heck up and step off me.  When we are in line paying for groceries or products at the counter, just give some space.  Respect the space and move back.  If you are getting to close and rushing me, I will bring myself to a slower pace and let you know of my discontentment with you.   No one needs to be breathing down our necks while we are purchasing tampons or laxatives.  Time Out!
  • Mean people.  Listen I know we all have our bad days and grumpy moods, but MEAN people are just that.  They need a Time Out!
  • Drivers who text.  REALLY?  Do you recall the days when we would travel in our cars and have to wait to get home to call someone or hear a message from the machine?  Yeah, back then when it would not kill {literally} us to just wait and NOT be trying to talk while driving, especially typing on a small device while speeding down a freeway.  I love that we can do hands free with speaker, but those who text and drive need a Time Out!
  • Protesters.  I am all for freedom of speech {heck I am a blogger for crying out loud}, but it makes my stomach turn when I see the “ugly” protests all over the news.   Those who head out and destroy property and their own towns are just out of hand.  Clogging up freeways and stopping traffic, setting property on fire and hurting others is NOT a way to respect our countries First Amendment.  Use your words … WORDS, not violence.  Time Out!
  • People with dogs.  Listen we love dogs and we LOVE our dog Stryker more than anything.  People walking dogs need to keep them on leashes {at least here in California}.  I don’t want to dodge a meandering dog while out running.  Just keep it on a leash and respect others around you.  I don’t care how “cute” or “sweet” your dog is … it is a DOG an animal and who knows what would trigger it to go bananas on someone.  While I am at it, carry a baggie with you.  Yep, you know who you are.  The one with the dog who thinks no one will notice the warm doopy he is going to leave and you pretend he doesn’t.  I have seen you and have even called you out.  Pick it up and take a Time Out!

Thanks Kat for this super fun post idea.  mamakat

Do you have someone or something you thinks needs a Time Out? 
Where are you heading for this Memorial Day weekend? 
Are you planning on pulling out the white pants and swim suits yet?

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  1. OMG I feel the same way about the runners that don’t wave back – and you nailed it, they’re all female!! I must have passed a dozen groups on my last 10 miler and every male or male group waved back at me while the ladies just whizzed by with the Terminator glare while I waved like a tool. I just roll my eyes, they must be too cool for me! 😉
    Jess recently posted…Jess Runs Happy is now on Facebook!My Profile

  2. I cannotttt for the life of me understand why anyone cares about the Kardashians. (I may be somewhat bitter that they get to roll around in money for doing absolutely nothing while I put myself in over a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of debt to try to do some good in the world, but I digress.)

    I’d extend that not-returning-a-smile/wave to just people in general!
    Farrah recently posted…Review: Simply Ancient Grains + 5-Ingredient MuesliMy Profile

  3. Okay in Talyor’s DEFENSE…it probably drives her crazy that some douche sits in front of her with a giant camera and records her every reaction. If I were her I’d like to sit back and enjoy the show like everyone else without overthinking every expression I make and how it’s going to be analyzed in the media. No thank you! Your other time outs I can definitely back you on!
    Kat recently posted…Writer’s Workshop: You Can Fix ItMy Profile

  4. I love this!! And I am pretty much 100% in agreement with everything you said, especially the runners who don’t smile/wave back. Every morning I smile, say good morning or wave to every single runner I pass and 95% of the time I don’t get any acknowledgment. How hard is it to give a head nod at minimum? I really love Taylor, but I see your point and it’s valid. And… the Kardashians need to just GO.
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…My FavoritesMy Profile

  5. Not putting your weights back on the rack and just leaving them on the floor warrants a time out!
    Charlotte recently posted…Let’s Give the People What they WantMy Profile

  6. I feel the same way about people who can’t wave! What’s up with that????
    Julie @ Running in a Skirt recently posted…Memorial Day Weekend In PittsburghMy Profile

  7. So true on so many levels. Female runners never, ever give me the time of day — except at the ZOOMA run last year. Guys do all the time though. It’s ridiculous.
    erin recently posted…‘for the hell of it’ milesMy Profile

  8. OMG I COULD NOT AGREE WITH YOU MORE about Taylor Swift… And the KARDASHIANS… STFU and go to your corner and stay there!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Whoopee! It’s an “Oreo”!My Profile

  9. Heck YES to those darn drivers who text on the road. I get unreasonably (or maybe not so unreasonably) anxious when I’m driving behind or in front of one. Is the text REALLY that important??
    Jess @hellotofit recently posted…Put together a trail mix with Blue Diamond dark chocolate almondsMy Profile

  10. Such a fun post ! I am with you on the dogs !

    Already got the white pants and flip flops out !
    Karen – Fit in France recently posted…Friday Five : what pops into my head while runningMy Profile

  11. Oh my god, yes yes yes about the check out line people!! Where do you think you’re going?? Through me? Back it up, ESPECIALLY when I’m putting my pin code in the interac machine – you creep. I always “accidentally” bump into their cart with my leg or something to draw attention to the fact that they’re too close to me.

    And the lack of turn signal usage… is it really so hard? Your hand is RIGHT THERE! Sigh.

    Thanks for the laugh!
    Ashleigh recently posted…What the heck is Peak Week?My Profile

  12. Very funny! So true- I totally hear you on the ugly protesters tearing their own cities up- Time Out!

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