Pet Adoption and The Volunteer Job

How is summer going everyone?  We are into the second week of July and with the 4th behind us and the Tahoe trip  {post to come} in the past, I am finding that the days are filled with swimming at the country club pool or grandma’s house.  If that is not enough to keep the kids busy, then I am at a loss.  I am actually looking forward to some quiet time and just doing nothing for a few days, but when it is too quiet the kids get restless.  Noah has football workouts and camp three days each week until season starts, so that helps.  Miss Faith is busy shopping on-line for anything because, well she is a girl {a 13 year old girl}, she gets bored and she apparently thinks that we have a money tree planted in the back yard.

This is when I get creative.  Faith needs to keep busy, I need her off the computer, she does not have a sport going on during the summer.  Enter the local pet store.  Perfect, right?  The timing for us to walk in last week was spot on and a sign from God.  They need volunteers to work a few hours during the week to “play” with the ten new that have arrived along with other “kitten chores”.  Where does she sign up?  Now we have Faith learning her first job {volunteering} and doing what she loves, being around animals.  Her passion for all animals is so amazing, we call her the “pet whisperer” as all animals seem to be drawn to her and connect.

Pet Adoption

Pet Adoption

I am so pleased with this and think it is brilliant to have another outlet during summer besides the normal activities.  This will be teaching her more responsibility, how to work in the public, how to step out of the box and give her the confidence she needs to carry forward in her young life.

Seriously just look at them.  How can we not bring one home?

Pet Adoption

Pet Adoption

I have a feeling we will be new parents soon to one of these adorable little guys and then the kids will head back to school and it will become MY job to be mom again to another family pet. 

Pet Adoption



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  1. My boys would love to play with puppies. Our animal shelter is 10 miles away though.

  2. Tara, that doesn’t seem too far. What about 15 mins? There are no puppies in there now, but some bunnies 🙂 and no we will not be getting one of those LOL
    Fitnessmomwinecountry recently posted…Pet Adoption and The Volunteer JobMy Profile

  3. I love the idea of volunteering at a pet store! It will be great experience for her. I would probably end up bringing home all the cats though, haha.
    Nikki recently posted…Adventure / Alameda County FairMy Profile

  4. Great idea! My niece is only 9 and she’s always going over to the humane society to walk the dogs. It’s such a rewarding experience for her.
    Heather Serra recently posted…The Madonna InnMy Profile

  5. This is such a cool idea. Gets the kids out of the house, learning some responsibility, but also having some fun. I like it!
    Karen M Peterson recently posted…The Fourth of July, Pinterest StyleMy Profile

  6. Fantastic! My kids had their first jobs at 10 along with their pony and horses, dogs and cats. Taking care of an animal and learning responsibility for a living being makes an impact on their self esteem. Good for all of you!
    Robin Follette recently posted…Ants Farming AphidsMy Profile

  7. YAY for loving on cute animals <3 always makes a day better

  8. Love it. A wonderful way to spend the summer! Seriously I would want to bring the cats an dogs home. all.of.them 🙂
    Autumn recently posted…Just MoveMy Profile

  9. brilliant idea! I wish I would have thought of that years ago and pretty smart of the pet store! can’t wait to see your new addition to the family 🙂
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Summer of Strength!My Profile

  10. Hi,
    I found it an absolutely brilliant idea! That’s something I should definitely consider. I mean, my daughter’s 9 and we love animals (we’ve got two dogs & two cats). And kids nowadays get so easily bored. Right now, I’m jut trying to hide behind my blog to escape my kids vacation, but I fear for the next two months:)
    xx Abby
    Abby recently posted…What does Charlize Theron & Midlifecrisisnut have in common? – My personal Love/Hate ListMy Profile

  11. Oh man!!!! You are in trouble!!!! How can you say no to those cute faces!!!!
    Julie @ Running in a Skirt recently posted…Caprese Wheat Berry SaladMy Profile

  12. Yayyy! Such an awesome idea! <3 I volunteer at my local cat rescue + dog rescue (both no-kill shelters because otherwise, I'd bring them all home with me even though I really can't afford to do so). They're the best! <3
    Farrah recently posted…Foodie Friday: Grilled Turkey Bacon-Wrapped AsparagusMy Profile

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