Pure Barre and Running

Pure Barre

By now most of us {I assume} has heard of Pure Barre.  The workout using the ballet bar, that cute little red ball, that looks similar to the red bounce ball we played with on the school yard {only smaller} and the stretching bands.  Yep, that’s the one.  Well I am a HUGE fan of Pure Barre and I have been incorporating the workout with my running for over a year now.  Wow, what a difference.

Pure BarrePure Barre

Benefits of Pure Barre for running … {my version}

Stronger core
Arm strength while using when running
Killer calf muscles
Ankles {finally}
Lean legs
Strong hamstrings, glutes and quads
Toned inner thighs
Great buttocks {that Pure Barre ledge}

Pure Barre

Pure Barre

Running is not a new thing for me, I have actually been running for years.   I was running in my 20’s often and then again in my 30’s.  It wasn’t until the last almost three years, that I have fallen in love with running.  Someone mentioned to me that once I had hit 45, I took up running and it was a “mid-life” type of thing for me … NO, they could not be more wrong, nor do they have any clue about my passion for running.  What is new to my workout routine is Pure Barre.  I had no idea I would love it so much.  Maybe it is because I am surrounded by women {a few men here and there} who are in an age range that I love, the age where maturity has set in and we are all comfortable coming to class looking like we do, just as we are.  No judging, no comparing, no click, no nonsense.  Just a great workout.  Pure Barre is a 55 min class that gets your heart rate up right at the warm up, works the arms, back, obliques, core, legs {all over}.  From planking, to using weights and that darn little red ball.  Oh I how I love and hate that thing.

Pure Barre

Pure Barre

Pure Barre is all about the mind, body connection.  Small movements are the focus and the classes keep you going with the great music.   I have days where I am totally into it and then I have days when I completely glaze over and the sound from my instructor sounds that of the school teacher in the Charlie Brown movies …


Pure Barre has taught me to become a bit more disciplined with a workout regimen.  I incorporate classes with running and have given myself the okay to not “over train” as I have in the past and ended up with injuries.  The lesson for me is to listen to my body, do what I want and know that it is okay.  Not worry about what other runners are doing or how they are training, or how much of it.  I am happy running half marathons this time in my life, I am happy to be finishing them without the help of a wheelchair or EMT.

Pure Barre

Pure Barre

Pure Barre is the kind of workout, that works every muscle in the body.  I have taken days, even weeks off from classes and would not blink an eye, until I would return and realize just how great and intense the workout is, because I have to literally start all over again from the beginning.  My legs and muscles are not the same when missing a workout.  Pure Barre has also been great for stretching.  I am not the greatest at taking my foam roller out and using it like I should, but with continued class time, I am always getting some great stretch time in.

Pure BarrePure Barre

Pure Barre

Pure Barre

I have four half marathons under my belt and only three of them had me incorporating Pure Barre into my training.  An amazing difference, no question.  With the Nike Women’s Half coming up in a few weeks, followed by the Berkeley Half, I am very confident that I will most likely surprise myself with my completions.  As long as I can keep away from the porta potty, I should be all good.

Pure Barre

Pure Barre is a workout with results and fairly quick results.  Like ANY fitness program, it is all about getting yourself up and doing it.  Move you body, eat the right foods {come on we know better}, hydrate all the time, but more importantly, just get it done because sitting back and wishing for changes in your body, or sitting back and saying “tomorrow” will NEVER have an outcome of success.  My favorite three words are Lift, Tone and Burn.

Pure Barre

Pure Barre

Have you given Pure Barre a chance yet?
Do you have a Pure Barre in your area?
What forms of exercise do you incorporate with your running program?


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  1. I adore pure barre! It’s a great compliment to my running too…I love that it’s low impact and gives my joints a break! Like you, I’m definitley addicted!
    Marielle recently posted…My Fall Reading ListMy Profile

  2. Barre has made a huge difference in my running ability as well!!
    Brittany recently posted…Five on FridayMy Profile

  3. It’s nice to *meet* a fellow pure barre addict! There are times when I want to exclusively do Pure Barre because it’s my favorite workout, but I find I have the best results when I combine it with something else. For me, I like to do yoga (I used to run, but hurt my knee so I haven’t run in years). Even though the workouts have some similarities, I find that I use different muscles, so they balance each other well.
    Alyssa recently posted…A GOOD AND SIMPLE CHRISTMAS, PART 3My Profile

  4. I have always wondered about BARRE. I am way more of a power yoga person but as a chiropractor I can completely respect the concept. Might have to try it now!

    • Heather, I have tried Yoga so many times and I am very in awe of all “yogis”, I just can’t seem to grasp it or have the desire. Pilates was a workout I enjoyed and I think Pure Barre is a bit of both combined with some ballet. I am very happy with the workout and don’t see me quiting any time soon.

  5. I am becoming stronger because of Pure Barre. My hips and glutes were always my weak link and I couldn’t figure out how to strengthen them. I knew Pure Barre would be great during the very first class I took.
    Lesley recently posted…14 Years LaterMy Profile

    • Lesley, keep going. I wish Pure Barre would give people a few classes to try before having to make a purchase. I have told so many people they need to go at least a week to figure it all out. Huge strengthener for those areas.

  6. this post just got me so excited! I used to do Pure Barre until I tore my ACL, so once I’m healed I cannot wait to get back in the studio!!

  7. Love this post! I am a certified barre instructor and love it when people add barre to their workout routines. It’s such a great, muscle toning routine! Your experience sounds awesome. So glad 🙂

  8. I’ve gone to one hot barre class and it was SO HARD! I definitely want to give pure barre another try.
    Allison Gallagher recently posted…Flare Jeans: Fall’s Biggest TrendMy Profile

  9. I love Pure Barre, I love to read Pure Barre love stories. There are so many posts like this floating around now. It makes me so happy. This is truly one of the best workouts I’ve ever taken, and I can’t say enough about the camaraderie of the classes. Who knew it was possible to get 30 women, who don’t know each other, in a room and have it be empowering, not competitive. I hope this spills out into the community like wild fire. I may even have to consider taking up running.

    Katie @ Beyond the Clothing recently posted…30/30 : a quick updateMy Profile

    • Thank you Katie for that. I love the women I have grown to know by just being a room with them. Not much talking, until after class, but so supportive of one another. I am sure you will be wonderful at running 🙂

  10. Love that you’re incorporating barre into your running routine, that is for sure, a killer combo! 😉 XOXOX

  11. I am in Georgia on a girl’s weekend! We ran the Diva Peachtree half yesterday & yes, we are taking a Pure Barre class today! I know it is good for me but it is a tough class!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…I am Atlanta bound! Time for a Girl’s Weekend!My Profile

  12. Looks like Pure Barre is really complimenting your running well! You look great! I have tried it a few times and wasn’t really a fan. I need to sweat more 🙂
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Fall Fitness Must Haves- Skirt Sports GiveawayMy Profile

  13. Interesting. I’ve never tried Pure Barre, but would be interested in trying it out. Do they have any videos online? I’m all about good workout videos on YouTube on my days off running. I just finished my third half marathon, and normally I just can’t fit in more exercise when I’m training because I get too sore. But now it’s over and I’m looking for more to my work outs!
    Celeste recently posted…When to Give Yourself a Break and When to Give Your Spouse a BreakMy Profile

    • Celeste if you look in You Tube and search Pure Barre you can find something for sure. You can purchase DVD’s on a Pure Barre site for videos. Find a class near you and give it a try. This is a great low impact but great change for your body if you stay with it.

  14. I have been curious about this class ever since you told me about it during one of our hangout sessions! Now, one of my best friends is totally into it – but she doesn’t live near. I definitely need to incorporate other things that include stretches. Currently, I am either running or taking classes at the gym but not enough stretching. Thanks for the info Lynda!
    Diane @runninrocker recently posted…Nektar Honey Crystals Recipe & GiveawayMy Profile

  15. Maria Sorrentino says:

    So glad I found this article. I am running my 3rd half marathon in two weeks in Nashville. I have almost hit the one year mark of Pure Barre. I started going after I injured my Achilles in last years half marathon and had to lay of running and wear a boot and have weeks of therapy and I begged my therapist to please let me do some sort of exercise and she recommended Pure Barre and I have been hooked. Its really that mental focus that helps and pushing your body and staying in the plank keeping that isometric move holding on to your last 10 I feel has really helped my running and getting through miles 11 and 12. I am 48 and have run for enjoyment here and there I was more into P90x Insanity TRX Kettle Bell Training and then I watched my mom lose her battle to Alzheimer’s and I needed an outlet so I started running more and next thing I knew I was in a running group I was signing up for 5Ks 10k, 15k, and then half marathon. I ran with my group two days after my mom passed away I didn’t think I could run that morning it was the last long run before the half they encouraged to run so I went so glad I did now I am watching my dad go through the same illness running keeps me zen and focused pure barre keeps me strong to be able to keep running. I am just happy as well that at 48 I can still run and will continue to run my races and half marathons until I cant anymore 50 yrs from now maybe.

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