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I am a week away from the Nike Women’s Half Marathon.  My very first time running this popular and highly anticipated race.  I have run half marathons before, heck this will be my fifth one.  I have been training on and off for months, I have been taking Pure Barre classes religiously in order to help strengthen my core and legs.  So why on earth is the Nike so scary for me?  Is it because I will be spending an entire weekend attending activities and workouts prior to race day?  Is it because this race has an estimated 30,000 runners {not 3,000}?  Is it because I have no idea what to expect, as I have not headed to the city and checked out the route?  Is it because I know I am going to be taking on some major hills?  I can keep second guessing myself all week long and have my stomach churn and turn itself into a pile of knots OR I lace up and keep running this week and tell myself You got this girl, get a grip and pull it together.


Runner’s all train differently and we all think differently.  I don’t know why my head goes where it does when out running, there is no rhyme or reason behind my thoughts.  They just happen and they are always so different.  Let me share the latest here with you …

I’m running the NIKE WOMEN’S HALF!  Yeah, that’s me.  I am!
Wow, I am really on point today, my running is off the hook.
I need a hair cut, my hair is too heavy and my pony tail is falling down.
I am so lucky to have such a great head of hair, I totally get that from grandma Benson.
My grandparents, I know they are all watching down on me and are rooting me on while playing bridge and having cocktail hour.
I love my compression sleeves, these are amazing.  What a difference when wearing them.
My form is awesome.
I wonder if my form is good?
I am so glad I have been taking Pure Barre classes.
I wish I knew all the words to this song.
I wear too much black, I need some more color.
Am I getting dirty looks?  At least I am out here running.
We are in a drought, I hope the mountain lions are not heading down the hill looking for water and find me instead.
Oh crap, there is a deer behind that fence.
Stop staring at me deer, don’t get spooked and jump towards me.
That person just waved at me, I wonder if they think I am someone else.
If I were abducted out here, I would put up the biggest fight ever.
If someone did abduct me, they would most likely put me back since I would talk them to death.
I can’t believe I am actually running 13 miles!
I have too pee already?
Don’t over Gu Gel during your next race.  That turned out to be a real shit show {literally}.
A wedgie, no one is out here, just adjust … do it.
This damn headband falls off all the time.
Lulu lemon your headbands suck!
Oh look at that runner, stalk and pace her, but keep your distance.
Damn she is fast.
Wait until she is my age and has had kids, then see how fast she is.
Sure I could run like a gazelle if I had legs up to my neck.
I am so glad I finally have my spitting down.
Really? How did I manage to spit right on the center of my shoe?
Maybe I do need to wax my upper lip, the sweat keeps collecting there.
This damn headband reminds me a a condom … what?  It keeps slipping off while being active.
Did I JUST really think THAT?!!
No more Lulu headbands, seriously.
I LOVE RUNNING, I can’t wait for my next run.

I wish I had parents and family who supported me.
I want to see family at a finish line.  Don’t hold your breath.
Thank goodness for my husband.  What a trooper, my biggest fan.
I am so proud of myself … ♥

Running has introduced me to some amazing people, both men and women who are so inspiring to me.  I don’t think I would be growing so much as a runner, if it were not for the support of the community that running has.  It is a huge family in a way.  We are all sharing the same passion and build one another up with goal setting.  Running is such a positive sport and I am loving the fact that I am a true athlete via my running.

nike running

I have no doubt I will be fine next weekend.  I am going to be my own awesomeness and have a blast.  Other thoughts on Running can be found here and here


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  1. I love this post! So true in so many ways. I’m so glad you think barre helps your form too, I completely agree!!! 🙂 (And the going to bed early.) 😀
    Lora recently posted…There’s No One Size Fits AllMy Profile

  2. Your running is really on fire lately! Awesome 🙂
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Sweet Potato Breakfast SkilletMy Profile

  3. I loved this post….and I know you are going to do great. You are ready, you have run and cross trained to the best of your ability…you are strong and awesome!!

    P.S. You totally got me to try my first Barre workout (it was only on Youtube since I can’t get to a class near my work) but HOLY CRAP I was on fire. My core still feels it 3 days later!!
    Sara @ LIfe Between the Miles recently posted…My first “race” of 2015My Profile

    • Sara I love that. Keep doing it, I swear you will notice a difference. Yeah that workout is deceiving for sure. I never knew I would be in the shape I am in from it. Thanks for the running love and support, I am so nervous for this weekend.

  4. Thanks for making me laugh a bit =D Gotta be honest I hate running because I always get horribly bored…but good to know that I am not the only one having weird thoughts when running…you just inspired me to go for a jog tomorrow morning, thank you 😉
    Sabine recently posted…Let’s go shopping in China!My Profile

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