Adelle Hello I Can’t Stop

I have to write about my Adele crush.  It wasn’t until I purchased her 21 Album that I really payed attention and immediately fell in love.  Seriously just listen to her and Hello {pardon the pun} look at her, she is BEAUTIFUL!

adele 2


We all have some favorites from that album …

Rumor Has It
Rolling In The Deep
Set Fire To The Rain
Someone Like You
Turning Tables – {live acoustic}

When was it about two weeks ago?  The newest 25 was released and OMG, worth the wait.  Wow and wow Adele, you have done it again.  You have managed to grab hold of my soul and have time just stop while I listen and hold on to each and every note.  Goosebumps up and down my arms and tears to my eyes.  Bravo my favorite female voice {okay a close run with Stevie Nicks}, I spent the entire 5th grade year lip syncing to the Rumors Album with my best girl friend in front her mirror with hairbrushes.  Who hasn’t?

While out shopping one evening with my husband at Target, I diverted over to the music area and placed the newest album into the cart.  This is one gift Santa was going to leave under the tree for me for sure.  The husband caught a glimpse of it and just smiled while shaking his head noting that I could just go and download it on ITunes and have it all the time ready.  Yes, yes I can and will do that, but I do play some favorite CD’s at home every once in a while and Pandora does not have a re-play button, how on earth am I going to channel my inner Adele at home without a re-play button?


Send My Love
I Miss You
When We Were Young

Before the words come out, you are already feeling the mood.  The video is amazing and I want to hit the re-play button all day long.

Adele 25

Did you see the SNL skit last week?  Spot on funny.



OR the Jimmy Fallon … I love the toy banana shaker, I think I recall having one of those.



Adele 25

Let’s not forget Skyfall




Hold Your Breath and Count To Ten …



You are either an Adele fan or you aren’t.   Whichever, I assume we can agree she is just amazing.

Are you loving her latest?
You know you have sang in front of a mirror before, come on fess up.
Any Adele songs on your playlist?

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  1. I could listen to that woman sing ALL day long. True story, when Hello came out I played in NON-STOP for like a week. Obsessed isn’t even the right word to describe how I feel about her voice, talent and lyrics!
    Kat recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #62 – The Thankful EditionMy Profile

  2. I love Adelle but the overplaying of her songs makes me hate her music. Right now I’m still obsessed with Hello but every other sog of hers that comes on the radio I have to change immediately. It’s sad because her music is so beautiful but the radio just ruins it.
    Jen @ Pretty Little Grub recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #48My Profile

  3. I just recently started listening to her music. She’s very talented for sure!
    Amy @ Running on Faith and Coffee recently posted…Happy ThanksgivingMy Profile

  4. I am obsessed with her voice seriously

  5. Adele is such a babe – I love her so much! I’m going to fight to get tickets for her upcoming UK and EU tour – thank god for living in London!

    Lottie xx
    Lottie L’Amour recently posted…How Not to Run A Blogger EventMy Profile

  6. Her voice is pretty amazing! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Happy Thanksgiving!My Profile

  7. What a great Adele roundup! I have loved her music for years, since 19, and it just keeps getting better. Thanks for sharing this!
    Amanda recently posted…My Favorite Black Friday Sales!My Profile

  8. I have to admit I wasn’t a fan but I absolutely LOVE this song!! She seems really down to earth too.

  9. I have Hello on repeat! Singing it in the shower and the car. And she is stunning!
    Tiffany recently posted…Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  10. OMG! I need to run out and buy this album. Have you heard the joke? Why did Adele cross the road? To say Hello form the other side! 🙂
    Smitha @ Running with SD Mom recently posted…Holiday Gift Guide: My Wishlist for 2015My Profile

  11. I’m obsessed as well! And the snl skit is my favorite of theirs now haha so great!
    Alexandra @ My Urban Family recently posted…14 Tips to Help You Survive Winter from a ChicagoanMy Profile

  12. I LOVE Adele so much! Her voice is just so, so special!
    Karin Rambo recently posted…The End of My Fall CapsuleMy Profile

  13. That SNL skit was hilarious! I honestly wasn’t sure if I liked the new song the first time I heard it, but by the second, I was hooked. Her voice is gorgeous and so is she.
    Shann Eva recently posted…TTTS Awareness in DecemberMy Profile

  14. I LOVE Adele! Her voice is gorgeous. I love her new song, “Hello” but I also like some of the old ones that you mentioned. I feel sorry for everyone that doesn’t like her!

  15. It amazes me how amazing her voice is all by itself. These days you hear so many voices that need help to sound amazing but Adele’s is all her and it is stunning.
    Krysten recently posted…Five Ways to Fall by K.A. TuckerMy Profile

  16. We laughed so hard when we saw the snl skit! We love Adele! Her new songs are great!

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