Thanksgiving Shopping

When the 5:00 a.m. news came on {I am up that early making coffee for husband} and it said we were expecting “storm like weather to hit around 9:00 a.m., my head started going into game plan mode.  It was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving {early morning} and I knew I had some shopping to finish up at the market.  I didn’t really put any stress on myself this year since we already had the “big bird” resting safely in my mother’s refrigerator.  The rest of the list would be pretty easy and most of it consisted of fresh food and produce {packages and boxes don’t really work at my Thanksgiving meals}.  That being said, I wanted to wait as late as possible to pick everything up.  My mind had changed with this latest forecast update.  No waiting and putting it off, I would head out this morning and beat the weather and the crowds and since I had an eyebrow wax at 10:30, I figured get in and get it done before that appointment.  Running around doing errands with a fresh brow wax doesn’t always show the prettiest.

I enlisted the kids to help go over the shopping list and tried bribing one or both of them to join me.  What teenager doesn’t want to head to the grocery store on Thanksgiving break at 8:00 a.m. to push a cart around and walk aisles, while helping their mother shop?  The words “have fun” and “good luck” came from the two of them as I headed out the door.  I was on a mission and I was alone.  The rain was coming down, but the market was still pretty quiet.  This is great, I am here and I have plenty of time to stroll.  Everything was just freshly stocked and all the aisles looked so pretty and full of our favorite holiday items.  The produce and flowers are my two most visited areas in the store.  Newly ordered flowers were out and I was able to gather up bouquets of them and had them tucked away in the back cooler area until I was done shopping.  The produce was gorgeous, just stop, stand still and take it all in beautiful.  Bright colors and crispy greens surrounded me.  Grabbing an enough plastic baggies off the rolling rack, I wrapped them around me like a scarf and headed in {I keep enough baggies right with me so I can have them quickly instead of searching around} I would do great in a shopping contest.


Familiar faces were smiling and chit chat was happening.  There was an extra pop of happiness and cheer that morning in the market.  Strangers were pleasant and everyone was polite and taking their time.  No stress or hustle and bustle mess.  No one was racing to grab the last of whatever on the aisle, no one was pushy or rude.  Heading out that early was a good call and made my entire experience so relaxing.

I had noticed a man ahead of me with his shoe untied, I had stopped to tap him on the back to kindly mention it to him {just in case, we wouldn’t want someone tripping}.  A few staff who were near by stocking shelves had heard me and a chuckle was let out by one {all in fun} then the words “thank you ma’am” came out of his mouth.  WHAT?  Wait, did he just call me ma’am?  No, no not that word.  Not today, not while I was in the midst of this euphoric state so early in the morning.  It happened, the ouch in the heart, the under the breath gasp, the shock.  Alright, I know exactly how old I am.  But ma’am?  Really, already?  It didn’t take me long to put a skip back into my step and continue forward with my shopping.  Humming along with the holiday music playing from the store speaker system and making a mental note to donate food bags at the checkout line.  It is the season to be thankful and although I am officially a “ma’am”, I am so very humbled and blessed, grateful and thankful for all in my life.  I ended up leaving the market feeling complete and ready for this Thanksgiving.  If I missed anything, then we don’t need it.

It is now time to enjoy the kids and family for the next few days.  Board games, cooking, nap taking, movie watching, football, food, drink and peace.  This ma’am wouldn’t have it any other way.

holiday shopping

Are you finished with your Thanksgiving shopping? 
Are yo prepping a few days before?
Will you be up early to watch the Parade?
Have yo been called a “ma’am” yet?


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  1. I love this! We’re enjoying thanksgiving with my family but every week so I didn’t get to bask in the meal planning aspect and making my lists – there’s something cathartic about making a list and going out and checking everything off.

    I usually do my grocery shopping Sunday evenings – sure a lot of the great produce is slightly picked over but the aisles are quiet and I get to stroll lazily around rather than rush around crowds. AND Little Man is usually in bed so i don’t feel guilty wanting to go out by myself for a bit. 🙂

    Visiting over from the blog hop (finally catching up!) – have a fantastic thanksgiving!!!
    Heidi recently posted…A TributeMy Profile

  2. It’s nice that people were so pleasant. I went to the store for a few things last night and everyone was so rude and awful!
    Angie recently posted…Holiday Gift Guide | 20+ Unique Gifts for CreativesMy Profile

  3. Lovely! I love all the flowers you picked up :)and that you took your teenagers at 8am 🙂 Yes we are ready for Thanksgiving! Began my pre-cooking today…I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
    Melissa recently posted…NuMe Haul |Curling Wands | Straighteners | Hair Care |My Profile

  4. I had to stop at the store last night for butter and it took me a good 10 minutes to convince myself to get out of the car…I did not want to deal with the rush of people shopping… so I stocked up on wine too 🙂
    Kristin recently posted…Thanksgiving Food FavoritesMy Profile

  5. I’ve been called a “ma’am”, many time. I’m 24, but it’s accurate since I’m married, I’m not longer a ‘miss’. 🙂
    Rachel G recently posted…I never thought… (5 years of marriage)My Profile

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