Finding The Right Christmas Tree

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Christmas 2015 is here and one of my  favorite family traditions is getting bundled up and heading to the tree lot.  We used to do the tree farm until the kids started complaining about the long drive and hours of hiking around until we I found just the right tree.  So the tree lot it is.  Normally we head out in the evenings, or we wait until the husband’s birthday {next week}, but this past weekend had the family feeling excited and too antsy to wait.

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The “adventure” is pretty typical and almost predictable.
I meander around the lot, ogling at all the trees and inhaling in the fresh scents.  I imagine being in the midst of some forest in Lake Tahoe, snow is falling and it is bitter cold.  I then open my eyes and see the gravel under my feet and watch the truck come through with another load of “fresh cut” trees from Lord knows where.  I am NOT in Lake Tahoe.

2015-12-06 01.05.37

2015-12-06 01.03.50

The kids and husband have left me {or I strayed from them} whichever the case, we are on opposite ends of the lot.  You can hear our voices through the rows of trees.

Mom, mom where are you?
Kids?  I am here.  Where are you?
We found one, come look.
This is it, HURRY!
Honey?  Honey are you with the kids?
I have not found a tree yet. Why don’t I get to pick one out?
Mom, get OVER here!
Okay we have these two picked out.
Which one do you like?
This one is dads.
We like this one.
Which one do YOU like?
What about another Charlie Brown tree?
Remember last year’s tree?  It was so cute on the table in the vintage bucket.

2015-12-06 01.15.21
NO! No, not another one of those!
Come on Mom, we are hungry.
Stop taking so many pictures.
Oh wait, I want some of those baby candy canes they have at the counter.
Mom, we have candy canes at home.
Look at this cute tree.
Mom, the tree is tied to the top of the car. 
We are done.

2015-12-06 01.17.53

2015-12-06 01.18.44

It might not be the most romantic story book type setting for finding the right Christmas Tree, but it’s our story.  I am just grateful and blessed to have the moment.  As the kids get older, I realize this might be more of a task, but they appease me and they know this makes me happy.  I am holding on to our family tradition as long as I can while they are still home.   It really doesn’t matter to me what kind of tree we bring home … it is all about the day.

2015-12-06 00.59.41

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  1. Great blog post! We had a fake tree for so many years. We finally decided to throw it out last year. This is our second year with a real tree and I absolutely love taking my family to go pick one out.

    • My hubby is always teasing each year that we are getting the fake tree and pulling it out of the box every year. No Way! I am all real or nothing LOL
      It is so totally worth the experience. 🙂

  2. This makes me want to rush out and get a real tree! We have the fake tree; to be honest the real tree doesn’t seem to be as big over here in Australia as it does in other areas of the world. I loved the accompanying pics, everything looks so festive, Lynda. You are all rugged up against the cold – and we hit the beach over here! Bree

  3. There is something about the whole family going out to find the perfect tree. You don’t get that with a fake tree.

  4. It’s my hubby’s favorite part of the holiday. I love going out to get the tree and your photos are so sweet and fun! We found ours right away and it’s gorgeous!
    Carol Cassara recently posted…Guide to understanding social mediaMy Profile

  5. haha this is great! Tree shopping with my family was always my favorite even as a teen. I love the photo with your kids. You all look so happy.

  6. Looks like a fun day! I wish I could have a real tree, but my allergies go crazy when I do. Guess I’ll stick to the artificial ones.
    Crystal // Dreams, etc. recently posted…Book Tour // Without Light or Guide by T. FrohockMy Profile

  7. Going to get the Christmas tree is one of my favorite activities! We are only two hours from Lake Tahoe but that drive in this weather isn’t great so we never go over to get the tree that far!
    Crazy shenanigans recently posted…Christmas at DixieMy Profile

  8. I wish we could have a real tree! My husband is allergic, and every time I see a tree post I think it looks so fun to go pick! 🙂
    Branson recently posted…Focusing on Family {portraits for a friend}My Profile

  9. Awww, I love this tradition in your family 🙂 I gotta tell you, we have a fake tree that we pull out of storage each year, and while I imagine decorating it is all the same, it’s just… not. LOL. There’s nothing quite like the smell of a fresh Christmas tree and I remember picking one out with my family back when–it was a beautiful part of my childhood 🙂 You are creating lovely memories with your family, even if it’s not always easy to agree on one!
    Charlotte recently posted…Battling discomfort with humorMy Profile

  10. I dream of going to a tree farm to get our Christmas tree! Here in Florida, it hasn’t even felt like the holidays yet because it’s still so warm. I’m sad to say that we went to go pick up our tree in shorts and a t-shirt… ugh!
    Carly @ Fitliving blog recently posted…A Delicious Homemade Gift for the Holidays: Gingersnap GranolaMy Profile

  11. How fun! I love picking out the tree!

  12. Oh my goodness – does this bring back memories of when my son and I would go to the Christmas tree farm to pick out a tree. Always an adventure!

  13. Aww – so inspiring to keep that family tradition. Sure got that perfect sweet-scented Christmas tree to fill out your warm home.
    Rachel @ recently posted…A Bee-utiful Kind of Crystallized Honey {And Giveaway}My Profile

  14. Sounds like a lovely time 🙂 family traditions are the best and it doesn’t need to be perfect!

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