Easter Sunday, Reflecting and A Giant Peep

I have been waiting and wanting to find the time to sit and write again.  Since my last post, I have been able to pull myself together and I am happily back on track with life and my fitness routine.

Yesterday morning had me waking before the husband and kids.  I waited patiently waiting for all of them to emerge from their beds.  Baskets were downstairs delivered from the “bunny”.   I found myself sitting quietly and enjoying a cup of coffee and reflecting at the same time.  It was going to be somewhat of a difficult day and some sadness would be in my heart.  I would be remembering my grandfather Benson {Easter was a favorite holiday of his} who passed on this day in 2011 at 95.  I would be thinking of my very large family and how sad it is that we are not close, regardless of what our grandparents would want.  I would be missing our oldest son deeply and know that I would have to walk my way through my first holiday with him off training in the military.  I took in a deep breath and tried to hold back the tears.  Easter is a day of rejoicing and praise to God.  I needed the Lord this day more than ever and I told him so.

The kids woke and I quickly realized that I was much more excited about the baskets than they were.  Doesn’t every teenager want cool items like bath products {miss Faith}, gift cards {Noah} and plastic eggs to look for with money inside?  And who doesn’t LOVE a giant Peep pillow? I enjoyed the visit from my father and cooking breakfast for all of us.  It was a nice morning {even if my mind was on our son}.  I had been waiting for the phone to ring, hoping that he would be given his incentive call from the drill sergeant.  We are at the halfway point of basic and I knew that if a call was not coming, then we would not have another window until graduation {another five weeks away}.

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The afternoon had us just relaxing.  I had time for a much needed nap {so did the pets} until visiting with my mother for Easter dinner.  This meant having to leave the house and meant leaving the phone, we still have a landline along with our cell phones and chances are our son would call that one if any only because it is a number he happens to know by heart.  What were the odds that we would be gone and he would call?  I ended up changing the out-going message on the phone and left him instructions to call “dad’s cell phone” and recited the number for him.  What can I say?  I am a mom who will go to whatever means to make sure she can connect with her child.

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Dinner was nice, however there was a felt absence of my sister and her family.  The elephant in the room syndrome.  Since our son has left for the military, my relationship with her has been non existent.  We are all aware of this and it creates a divide amongst us.  I need my family around me,  I need to have that connection and love, along with support.  I wish my sister was available to lend her shoulder as I am going through this process, but I have to come to terms that people have different levels of compassion and I can’t find any there.  I am however so grateful for the blessings I have and the family and friends that do surround us and give support.

Did we ever get our call from our son yesterday?  No we did not.  Was it a nice Easter Sunday?  Yes, it was.  I had my small family around and I held Noah and Faith a little bit extra than normal.  I prayed for our son Mike and sent him love. 


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  1. Glad yall were able to have a nice day Lynda! As a Mom I can’t imagine how hard it must be missing your son. Sending you lots of hugs and hoping he calls soon!

    • Thank you Dana, I don’t think we get a call after this point. So I am just going to pray for another letter and count the days until I get to hold him again.

  2. So sorry that you didn’t get a phone call yesterday, but I’m so glad you were still able to enjoy your day. Training will be over before you know it!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  3. Sending hugs to you from MD.

    I can only imagine…not I can’t ….I can’t imagine what you are going through but I feel for you as a mo who loves her children.

    I am glad you were able to have a nice Easter.

  4. This was the first Easter that I spent without any family around (besides my wonderful husband). Being from a big family, that was quite difficult. But I did get some cuddle time with my pups!

  5. I’m sorry you felt his and your sister’s absence, but I’m glad you still had a lovely Easter!
    Shannon Peterson recently posted…Truthful Tuesday // Rediscovering my Inner Gentle Parent after the Big MMy Profile

  6. He will always feel your love. You got this. Each one that passes it will get easier as you will soon be able to speak to him again!

  7. Your son is really making the ultimate sacrifice. I’m sure he is counting the days before he can see you again. He can feel your love and prayers I’m sure of it! Sounds like a pretty good Easter. I am really so sorry to hear about you and your sister. Hopefully she’ll come around and give your her shoulder.

  8. Fiona Fayker says:

    I’m glad you had a good Easter, even if you didn’t hear from your son. I’m sorry that you aren’t on speaking term with your sister and that one day you will. Hugs xx

  9. I’m glad to hear you had a nice Easter, even though there wasn’t a phone call. I always find Easter a bit of a funny time. We lost my grandad nearly 20 years ago on this holiday, and I always like to take a few minutes to remember him.
    Steph recently posted…Weigh in Wednesday 13: Easter Egg ManagementMy Profile

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