Snacking Healthy + A Smarty Pants Vitamins Review

Disclaimer … Product and compensation has been approved via my affiliation with Fit Approach in exchange for a review.

Being active all day means I can easily run myself down.  I tend to need a nap in the afternoon just to regroup before getting the kids from school.  A normal day in this household could be something like this … {each day varies, but you get the idea}


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Up at 5:00 a.m. to make coffee for the husband
Head back to bed and  ….
Watch the early morning news and drink coffee
Check in with emails from overnight
Schedule my Pure Barre class for the day
Start waking kids up for school
Make breakfast {I do make breakfast} the MOST important meal for the kids of the day
Pack lunches {and any extra snacks for after school athletic practices}
Drop child #1 off at school
Get back home and have my own quick breakfast/smoothie before class
Drop child #2 off at school
Head to Pure Barre
Run any errands needed
Head home and work
Chores around the house
Dinner planning
Fitnessmomwinecountry work
Answer emails
Have light lunch or snack
Try to get at least 20 minutes in for a power nap or just quiet time
A shower before getting kids {if I am lucky}
Car pool from school to sports practice
Get home and start prepping dinner
Get kids from practices
Dinner, homework and family time
My shower finally!

Fueling my body with healthy food and snacks is key and can be really simple and easy.  Avocados are a favorite all the time and almonds are just easy to have anytime, anywhere.  Both are great Super Foods.

How do I keep going and stay focused?  It comes from eating healthy, exercise and making sure I am getting my vitamins, along with plenty of water.  I know I can pretty much get all I need in one complete vitamin thanks to Smarty Pants Women’s Complete.  The huge bottle is great since I can see it on the kitchen counter and if I happen to forget to take them in the morning, I definitely get them in the afternoon.

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What you won’t  find in #TheGoodGummy
Synthetic Colors
Artificial Sweeteners
Artificial Flavors
Artificial Preservatives
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Tree Nuts

What you will find in #TheGoodGummy
Eco-friendly Omega 3 EPA & DHA
Vitamin K2/MK7
Vitamin D3
Excellent source of vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B6, B12, B5, Niacin, Biotin and Iodine

I have had Smarty Pants Vitamins in the house before and enjoy taking these little gummie vitamins like a kid.  You can find these on line or on Amazon.  They are also available at most retail locations like Whole Foods, Target, GNC and others.

Other Smarty Pants Choices …

Women’s Complete
Men’s Complete
Kids Complete + Fiber
Adult Complete
Adult Complete + Fiber

Check out Smarty Pants and add them to your family healthy routine.

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