Hello and welcomeMy name is Lynda and I am the face behind Fitnessmomwinecountry.  I started this blog to share my passion for living healthy.  I am born and raised a California gal and love it.  I grew up in South Lake Tahoe, then moved to Sonoma, CA and have  been living here in the beautiful wine country the past 38 years.  Wonderful food, amazing wines, beautiful scenery and great weather complete the package.

My husband is my best friend and biggest supporter.  I am a mother of three grown {and almost grown} kids.  Each day I hope to inspire them and instill to them good habits regarding health and fitness.

We love to entertain and cook for friends and family.  I believe that the of the home is the kitchen.  It is where all the love and laughter comes from, it is where we bond.

When I Am Not Blogging …

I am most likely running or at Pure Barre class
Hanging with the kids
Watching movies
Spending time with the hubby
A glass of wine each night is perfectly fine {red preferred}
Good cheese is always a must to have in the house
Running shoes are so much more amazing than high heels
Workout clothes are pretty much my entire wardrobe
I don’t know how to apply makeup
I have panic attacks when entering a Sephora store
I could actually live full time in an Athleta store
Tell me I “can’t” and I will prove you wrong {or die trying}
I don’t believe in scales.
I think DIET is a BAD word
I don’t like the word “skinny
I love taking Pure Barre classes
I am a half marathon runner

My thoughts on a having a healthy body and mind …

Being grateful each day
Naps, I believe in taking naps
Water, water and water all day everyday
Keeping the house filled with the freshest of food and ingredients
Allowing for the “treat” when needed
Enjoying a good glass of wine
Never turning down good cheese
Always be able to laugh at ourselves
Find the positive even in the most negative
A good cleanse every so often
Lot’s of “green” food
A good run or workout at least 5 days a week
Family time
Step out of that comfort zone
Believe in your own goals and dreams
Chats with God

Stop comparing ourselves to others
Smile and love ♥

Subjects you will find me blogging about … Food, Fitness, Daily Healthy Living, Running, Pure Barre, Being a Mom

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